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Prison Life Keycard Sniper Script ((FULL))

There is an unreleased gamepass for Prison life called "Mafia access". This pass is meant to be used by criminals since the description is "Join the rebellion against the prison!". This Gamepass grants you the FN-SCAR-H Battle rifle, Bulletproof Vest [150 HP], and C4 explosives. It is unknown about the release date of this Gamepass. Aesthetical also tweeted a picture of the FN-FAL Battle rifle on his Twitter.

Prison Life Keycard Sniper Script


When you kill a criminal, the game can sometimes think you're killing innocent inmates and proceed to give you warnings.This has been found to be actually when you kill a criminal that isn't brandishing a weapon right after they escape the prison, as the innocent inmate script is the exact same with criminals.

On February 11th 2023, after 2 years, Prison Life was updated due to a glitch days prior where the map would disappear on private servers. Exploits and glitches were patched and the description was updated, where the creator said that the reason Prison Life is rarely updated is because he wants to rewrite the games code and is focusing on his life. 041b061a72

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