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Hunter Campbell
Hunter Campbell

1280x960 Dark Blue Background Texture. Blue Bac...

The Internal World of Burmese Sapphires. Myanmar is another classical source of sapphires. The stones produced from the Mogok Stone Tract sometimes have an ill-gained reputation for being overly dark, while in reality Myanmar has produced many exceptional stones with vivid and bright blue hues that rival the colors of stones from the other classical sources (figures 13 and 14). While Sri Lankan sapphires have long, slender silk, Burmese sapphires are considered to be characterized by shorter, reflective rutile silk, sometimes occurring in an arrowhead pattern (figure 15). Note that despite these general differences, there is significant overlap in the nature of silk patterns in stones from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and other sources. Additionally, many stones have silk or other inclusions that do not appear to be characteristic of any deposits. What follows is a description of the generally accepted characteristics of Burmese silk and other internal features.

1280x960 Dark Blue Background Texture. Blue bac...

The dogs have blue, liver or sandy colouration, all three of which may have tan points. Bedlingtons carry what is known as the greying gene, a dominant trait carried on the G locus.[7] This gene causes puppies born with black or dark brown fur to lighten to grey or liver with age.[7] The fur of the Bedlington creates a shape on the top of the dog's head known as a topknot. Although most modern breed standards call for the dog's topknot to be lighter than its body, when the breed was first being formed there was at least one prominent breeder, Mr. Pickett, who believed that the topknot should be darker, not lighter.[6]

Description: A lamp can be found near the entrance of Ahogeko's House, which can be disconnected, making the room darker. There's a 1/64 chance that, when disconnecting the lamp, the music will change and the room will become red and blue, with static covering it periodically, and Ahogeko will transform into Aooh, a red mass with two eyes. Interacting with it will take you to a dark, small, looping room with a single ladder to the Bloody Passage, and by keep going further, you'll end up in Ahoo's Trap, an obvious homage to the original Uboa's Trap.

Description: The Magnet Room houses the Zalgo event, which can be accessed by finding the fenced-off section of wall with a crevice in it, and heading directly south from the crevice's position in the wall. Continue south and run into the north face of the blue cube. It should push you over the barrier and into the enclosed area with the crevice. It is unclear what version the location of the teleporter in this room changed, however, you'll want to immediately begin traveling northwest, not southeast, as there is a limited time before Urotsuki is transported out of the area and dropped off at the Intestines Maze. Note that the Motorcycle effect cannot be equipped here, as well as the background changing hence its name. Interacting with the dark gray teleporter (located in a bloody area a good distance northwest of the entry point) will bring you into a black room with a large NPC and rain.

Sunsets are always pretty. I especially love a sunset on the beach. This photo has the right blend of bright and dark colors. The waves in the ocean give it some texture while the orange to blue sky give it a nice gradient.

This one has a solid shade of color with just enough ripples in the water to give it texture. The orange and white boat in the corner offer the right amount of contrast against the blue/green of the water. The dark colors and openness give lots of places to add text.

Long exposures that show starlight as the earth spins on its axis have always intrigued me. Usually the stars are against the dark backdrop of space with nothing else in the image. This time we have a blue sky as we sit on the rocks and watch the world spin.

This photo is filled with color but the tones have been darkened or filtered to make the ship stand out while still feeling grounded. Orange, green, yellow, blue, red, white, brown, and black are all here but none of them compete for your attention over the others. They work together nicely to create a peaceful and relaxing setting. 041b061a72

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