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Anne Of Green Gables Movie Torrent Download

Depending on your torrent client you can select only a part of the files to be downloaded in a torrent and have the hard disk space not allocated for the files you don't download. KTorrent for example can do it...

anne of green gables movie torrent download


You'll have to bear with me, I don't know much about torrent downloads, so I don't know how the link above is suppose to be used (I know, another person clueless about torrents, just don't call me a 'newbie'.) I've tried limiting to the first five episodes and it still says the 'no disk space' error. Maybe it's just my computer?

@greentea: That's quite a puzzle. I've never encountered such errors whenever I've used torrents. Have you checked your hard drive to see if there is space?Using BitTorrents are easy. You just download a BT program (a client). Once that's installed, you treat the torrent like any download. uTorrent is the program that I use.Hope that helps - good luck!

Hi, I'm new to torrents downloads, and currently I am using BitTorrents and it just stopped downloading. When I look into the info, it says there is 0 peers. Does that mean that there are no sources I can get this from? Is there any way around this? Thanks!

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