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Hunter Campbell

Sims Deluxe Edition Serial Code Pc [HOT]

Hello! i am confused. i always try to download my sims deluxe edition and it doesnt work ihave the code but the problem is it always says component transfer error at the end atlike 95% does anyone know a solution to this problem?

sims deluxe edition serial code pc

if u have a coppy and u alreaddy downloaded it on your other pc or whatever then theserial code wont work again so if you have a proper disk (like i do) then what you do uither ring the ea compeny or tipe in this serial code:4545-1694824-7085692-16625 thats theserial code and this is the nuber for cheats wallkthroughs and all that crap and a moneycheat is rosebud glad to help and u all enjoy the funnyist game in the world!!! XD

I have the sims deluxe pc game and it says I need a serial number verifacation code butwhen I put mine in it don't work. It only fits like 20 numbers and there's more thanthat's can some1 help me or give me a new code????!

If you cannot find the serial number, or you have deleted the email, you can find your code in your Order History by going to Origin > EA Account and Billing... > Order History or directly by clicking My Account.

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