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Hunter Campbell
Hunter Campbell

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.mw-parser-output .dropinitialfloat:left; .dropinitial .dropinitial-flfloat:left;position:relative;vertical-align:top; .dropinitial .dropinitial-initialfloat:left;line-height:1em;text-indent:0 NOTHING is so popular as prejudice, and no prejudice so popular as that resting upon a supposed scientific basis, or backed by reputed scientific authority. Always obstructive to the spirit of progress, it is peculiarly so when related to a subject so closely concerning the interest of the people as the study and treatment of disease. In these physically degenerate days the avoidance or remedy of the thousand "ills which flesh is heir to" is a question of well-nigh universal import. The urgency of this common need offers a partial reason for the adoption and perpetuation, by the public mind, of the differences which are supposed to exist between the two great schools of medicine; while, at the same time, it measures the greatness of the misfortune of the fact.

The School Of Greatness Epub Download Site

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