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Herc Rentals requires an active commitment to, and personal accountability for, safety and safety compliance from all team members and contractors. Operations leaders have a key role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring adherence to, Safety and compliance policies and standards.


At Herc Rentals, we have the equipment safety training where and when you need it. We have a wide range of high quality operator safety training classes. Our classroom and hands-on training sessions help meet your training requirements while preparing each operator to get the job done right.

We purchase equipment from only the most respected and trusted manufacturers. In turn, they provide us with state-of-the-art models and types that meet or exceed Federal and industry safety standards such as ANSI, NFPA, SAE and CSA.

We maintain the superiority of your rental fleet by retiring our equipment at an early age. By replacing equipment while it is still relatively young, we can give our customers equipment outfitted with latest safety features.

Our maintenance mechanics attend schools held by the manufacturers in an in-depth, classroom-type environment. They also attend periodic refresher courses and sessions at the branch (sometimes complemented by the manufacturers). Training topics include, but are not limited to, diagnostic, prevention maintenance, servicing, and operational safety guidelines.

We invest a considerable amount of time and resource in performing "A" and "B" Service, examining the unit's safety equipment, documenting maintenance and repairs. We also ensure that each piece of equipment has legible warning labels, a weather resistant case holding an operator's and manuals and other safety features such as: functioning seat belts (if equipped), functioning backup alarm (if equipped), and functioning interlocks.

Upon delivery, Herc Rentals Delivery Personnel can provide equipment familiarization which typically includes: identifying the weather resistant compartment (for manual storage); confirming that the manuals, as specified by the manufacturer on the equipment; reviewing control functions; reviewing safety devices specific to the model equipment being delivered; and reviewing equipment daily operator maintenance requirements.

If you are looking for me to come speak at your event, do a half or full day training session or wish to hire me for coaching services, I'm ready to go! However, if you are looking to book a Safekids II, Safeteen or Level I program, I've sold them to a former Safe & Sound Instructor who is now running these three courses under her new company. Please contact Lorna Selig, www.safe4life if you wish to book one of those programs.

I attended the Open Safety meeting, Home & Personal Safety, on March 15th which featured Deb deWaal, and was the most entertaining (and informative) safety meeting I've ever experienced!! I say 'featured', because she really injected a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and fun to the proceedings, whilst address a serious subject.

Developing and maintaining a health and safety program can seem like a daunting task and companies often struggle to understand what their responsibilities are. Vivid works with companies at the ground level to gain an understanding of their specific safety needs. We strive to provide assistance, information and solutions that are realistic, efficient, applicable and sustainable.

Backcountry skiing, split boarding, and snowshoeing are exciting sports but without proper knowledge, enthusiasts often take unnecessary risks. Educate yourself with an investment in our AST 1 Avalanche Skills Training Course in Canmore and Calgary. Proper training will make your winter travels in avalanche terrain safer and more enjoyable. Our avalanche safety instructors are full-time certified guides and professional members of the Canadian Avalanche Association. Their extensive personal experience in winter guiding, avalanche operations, and forecasting will add an extra dimension of interest to your training.

This course is designed for skiers and snowboarders who wish to venture into the backcountry to learn about hazards and how to manage them. Our student to guide ratio is 8:1 as this ensures maximum safety and learning. Lift ticket is not included in the course price.

There are so many benefits to online training versus traditional classroom training. Canada Safety Training is an industry leader in content, delivery, and affordability, with the end goal to have you trained with the knowledge to succeed! Our top 5 benefits include the following:

Canada Safety Training offers the most efficient and cost-effective online aerial lift training program in Canada. No matter how many employees you have, creating a safer, more productive work environment can be achieved in four simple steps:

All our online training courses can be accessed on any internet enabled device including but not limited todesktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones. The course media presentations and user interfaces are responsive and will respond to the change in screen size automatically.

Member Access to CSA StandardsAMHSA has partnered with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to provide our members with no-cost access to a collection of 26 CSA standards and additional discounts for CSA training and resources.

The AMHSA SafetyNet library contains safety related documents and resources applicable to the municipal sector. Documents include policies, safe work practices, directives, links, safety presentations, and checklists.

The Alberta Construction Training Institute (ACTI) located in Edmonton and Calgary is a training company with a combined experience of over 100 years in Construction, Engineering and Management training fields. ACTI instructors have been instructing health, safety, management and engineering training in Alberta for over 20 years. Our focus is on construction safety and training through classroom and advanced instructional skill evaluation both with traditional equipment and our virtual reality simulations. See our course description page for a detailed list of instructor lead courses we provide.

We have also just developed a 40 hr training course based on the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and Construction Owners of Alberta Association (COAA) best practices with multi discipline work packaging for Advanced Work Face Planning.

ACTI has created multiple VR construction simulations for the industrial, commercial, vendor product and public emergency response sectors. Please see our website pages for descriptions and contact information if you are interested in scheduling a course or a demo on a training simulation for your company. We can also personalize a training program for your company based on your needs.

We come to your work site to train your employeesChase Operator Training Ltd. is a fully mobile safety training company where we come to your site to train your employees. They will learn new skills on your equipment. This is the equipment that they are comfortable with and will be using for you in the future. We also offer our Train the Trainer programs.

With over 30 years of deep industry expertise, we are the leaders in safety training solutions. Danatec gives you access to hundreds of fully accredited, up-to-date safety courses to keep your team ahead of the learning curve and manage fast-changing liabilities and risk.

The Mandt System believes that nobody should be taken advantage of. We believe everyone has the right to safety, whether they are a staff member, provider, or organization. In our approach, we meet the needs of everyone without compromising the safety of one versus the safety of the other.

The Canadian Red Cross is a leading provider of first aid and CPR programs and has been offering first aid and CPR training to Canadians for over 50 years. We also teach Canadians practical first aid tips and offer a free first aid app.

At SafetyVantage our mission is to empower you to meet and exceed your OHS training requirements. We do this through technology driven solutions that educate and engage your workforce.

Our safety experts are on hand to help. Please get in touch if you'd like more information about our products and services, to arrange a demo of SafelyHome, or to discuss how we can help your organization achieve safety excellence.

Get heavy equipment and jobsite training from industry experts. We offer training solutions for operators, service technicians and leaders looking to improve operations and jobsite safety. Choose options ranging from on-demand training classes to custom training solutions for your business.

Let the industrial safety experts at Trojan Safety help you ensure that your operations meet applicable provincial and federal safety laws and compliance requirements and that your workers are always protected on the job.

We offer over 10 different safety programs including online, in-house, and on-site Energy Safety Canada-certified training, and other industry and oil & gas required courses, taught by certified industrial safety trainers. 041b061a72

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