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Hunter Campbell

Rich In Love (2020) PATCHED

"God always loves us with a greater love than we have for ourselves. ... Only the love of Jesus can transform our lives, heal our deepest hurts and set us free from the vicious circles of disappointment, anger and constant complaint," the pope said in St. Peter's Basilica.

Rich in Love (2020)

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"Why? To make us understand the immensity of his love for our human condition: even touching the depths of our poverty with his concrete love. The Son of God was born an outcast, in order to tell us that every outcast is a child of God," Pope Francis said.

At the end of his homily, the pope prayed: "Jesus, you are the Child who makes me a child. You love me as I am, I know, not as I imagine myself to be. In embracing you, the Child of the manger, I once more embrace my life. In welcoming You, the Bread of life, I too desire to give my life."

Hi loves!I am back for another gift guide! I am trying to push these out as fast as I can for you girls (and boys if you happen to read this while guying for your significant other) so bear with me because they are some extensive work! Remember, as always, if there is anything that you do not ... Read More

Hi my loves!I'm back for another gift guide and this time I am hitting up Rhett's very favorite clothing line, Mizzen + Main. The awesome thing about their line is that their clothing is wrinkle-resistant, has a four-way stretch, and amazing moisture-wicking fabric. Rhett never has to iron or ... Read More

Hi my lovely followers,2020 has been a drag of a year and I know the Holiday's can be stressful when it comes to getting everyone in your life gifts. I spent hours and hours making these gift guides in hopes that it would make your lives a little bit easier this season! I included some ... Read More

Hi Momma! I assume if you are reading this post you are either already a momma, a momma-to-be, or a future momma. As many of you already know who follow me on Instagram (@richin_love), I am expecting baby #2. I wrote this post because with my first baby I was so lost on what all I needed for ... Read More

Even among couples who have been married 20 years or longer, many showed neural activity in dopamine-rich regions associated with reward and motivation, particularly the VTA, in line with those early-stage romantic love studies. In a 2012 study in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, participants showed greater brain activation in the VTA in response to images of their long-term spouse when compared with images of a close friend and a highly familiar acquaintance. Study results also showed common neural activity in several regions often activated in maternal attachment, including the frontal, limbic, and basal ganglia areas. 041b061a72

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